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Welcome to the DAC Garage Sale! While our high standards and rigorous QC processes are ideal for making sure only the absolute best products get into your hands, they do lead to a lot of inventory being pulled and ultimately sitting on the shelf. The Garage Sale gives access to this secondary inventory at steeply discounted prices, and features only cosmetically blemished parts that didn’t quite make the cut. All parts are completely functional, never used, and include brand new hardware. Returns are not accepted for blems, but each part comes with our full warranty to protect you in the event you experience a manufacturing defect that effects either the function or performance of the product.

Some of the blemishes may include:

  • Striations and linear marks on polymer parts
  • Visual “waviness” in areas of the polymer surface from manufacturing processes
  • Small flat spots in texturing on grips
  • FDE models: Cerakote too thick, too thin, minor streaking, or spots missing/washout from where parts were hung for spraying

Most parts only feature one of these examples, and many will require some searching to identify the blemish, but trust us, they’re there! If you want to save a few dollars or plan to run your gear really hard and introduce some character/blemishes of your own, these parts offer a great value.


Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG), Beavertail Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG-L), Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG) – Diamond Array, Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG) – Randomized Texture, ShortStop


Black, FDE

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