Storage FloorPlate (SFP)


Storage FloorPlate (SFP)

VCG and VCG-L – Compatible with every VCG and VCG-L ever made – no modifications or hardware required

SCG – Compatible with every SCG ever made – no modifications or hardware required

*Please ensure you select the correct model for your application*

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

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Now available in two models, the SFP brings storage capabilities to either the VCG and VCG-L, or to the SCG.

The SFP is a single piece design, constructed of the same durable PA12 nylon polymer as the VCG/VCG-L and SCG, in the same USA facility – MK Machining out of MO. Function is simple – Tensioning tabs index with the ribbed interior geometry of the grips, locking it firmly in place while also allowing for a smooth, quick-pull release for removal.

The VCG/VCG-L model is compatible with every VCG and VCG-L ever made, and the SCG is likewise compatible with every SCG.

Instructions: To remove the FloorPlate, simply pull the central tab directly downward and away from the grip. Do not push or pull it forward or backward, as it will not release without an excessive amount of force, potentially damaging the part. Removal should require minimum force and movement. This design maximizes simplicity while also eliminating the possibility of the plate popping/falling out if something were to hit it – there are (albeit rare) cases where it could be contacted and pushed forward or backward when hitting other gear on your person, stuff in your environment, etc, but nothing will naturally pull it directly downward in the fashion required for removal.



  1. Josh W. (verified owner)

    These fit securely to the grip but are super easy to take off. I can now easily store all of my sighting tools, battery’s, and any other small goods I may need. 10/10 recommend grabbing one of these for your grip even if you don’t necessarily need it. It will definitely come in handy at some point and because who doesn’t love extra storage 🙂

  2. Samwell Stoner

    The Driven floor plates are an awesome innovation for the VCG & VCG-L. Easily able to run storage in my everyday rifles for batteries, lube, or candy for class; then remove them if I don’t need the supplies for longer days.

  3. Marc (verified owner)

    Love having the ability to store an extra battery and small tools into the grip.

  4. Steve

    Have 2 of these, and they are easy to remove, and perfect for storing everything from batteries to extra tools, to lens caps for red dots. They aren’t hard to remove even with gloves on like some of the magpul grips. And in a gun fight if I needed to get it open, I wouldn’t want to have to rip my glove off and take more time. 10/10

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