Beavertail Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG-L)


  • Reduced grip angle (5°) for improved ergonomics
  • Distance to trigger increased by .20″ for better finger pad placement in large hand sizes
  • Tapered lower ledge + optimized rear “hump” profile for maximum leverage in all shooting positions
  • 1.45” Overall width for improved purchase and general comfort
  • Weight with hardware: 62 grams (~2.2 oz)

BLEM VCG-L’s Available Here


Since it’s launch, the original Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG) has received praise as a breath of fresh air in the AR grip space, merging the ergonomically favorable aspects of a precision style rifle grip, with a high level of natural dexterity from more traditional AR based offerings.

While we maintain that the VCG is ergonomically ideal for the vast majority of end users in it’s current form, we are extremely proud to introduce the new VCG-L, commonly referred to as the “beavertail VCG”. The L model was created to even better fill the need set of those with larger hands, the main goal being to introduce slightly more distance to the trigger for improved finger pad placement.

To accomplish this, we shifted the standard VCG rearward by nearly 1/4″ and introduced a modest beavertail, maintaining nearly all of the beloved existing ergonomics + form factors, and simply increasing that distance to the trigger surface.


For those who may be wondering which version best suits you:

    • It is important to note that the standard VCG is already up to 21% wider than grips like the BCM Mod series and Magpul K2+, and will suit the vast majority of individuals. Since almost all other ergonomic factors are maintained, aside from the trigger spacing, you really cannot go wrong with either, however the VCG-L is possibly most ideal if: 1- you do have an above average hand size, or 2 – you know that you prefer/need a beavertail through experiences with past grips (or traditionally only shoot grips with beavertails).
    • If you are still left scratching your head, please feel welcome to reach out via the support form for additional guidance.


Like the standard VCG, the VCG-L was developed in conjunction with MK Machining. More info regarding their products and services, including the manufacturing that brings products like these to your hands, is available here

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