Beavertail Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG-L)


  • Reduced grip angle (5°) for improved ergonomics
  • Distance to trigger increased by .20″ for better finger pad placement in large hand sizes
  • Tapered lower ledge + optimized rear “hump” profile for maximum leverage in all shooting positions
  • 1.45” Overall width for improved purchase and general comfort
  • Weight with hardware: 62 grams (~2.2 oz)
  • Storage capabilities supported with the addition of our FloorPlate (SFP)

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

(23 customer reviews)

Please Note – To meet increased demand, we have been accepting partial shipments of parts from our manufacturer for smaller re-stocks, and fewer/shorter out of stock windows. The next batch should be available around May 10th. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and patience. We are working hard to ensure consistent inventory availability, without sacrificing the quality of product and service that you’ve come to know and expect from us. Grateful for you all!

Since it’s launch, the original Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG) has received praise as a breath of fresh air in the AR grip space, merging the ergonomically favorable aspects of a precision style rifle grip, with a high level of natural dexterity from more traditional AR based offerings.

While the VCG proved to be ergonomically ideal for the vast majority of end users in it’s current form, there is a reason that the VCG-L, commonly referred to as the “Beavertail VCG” has surpassed it as our best selling, most re-ordered ergonomic upgrade.

The L model was created to even better fill the need set of those with larger hands. To accomplish this, we simply shifted the standard VCG rearward by nearly 1/4″ and introduced a modest beavertail. This allowed us to maintain all of the beloved existing ergonomics + form factors, and simply increasing that distance to the trigger surface for improved finger pad placement.


For those who may be wondering which version best suits you:

    • It is important to note that both the VCG and VCG-L are up to 21% wider than grips like the BCM Mod series and Magpul K2+, and will suit the vast majority of individuals. With all other ergonomic factors maintained, aside from the trigger spacing, you really cannot go wrong with either, however the VCG-L is the way to go if: 1- you have an above average hand size, or 2 – you know that you prefer/need a beavertail through experiences with past grips (or traditionally only shoot grips with beavertails and are used to or prefer the provided distance to the trigger face).
    • If you are still left scratching your head, please feel welcome to reach out via the support form for additional guidance.


As with the standard VCG, the VCG-L was developed in conjunction with MK Machining. More info regarding their products and services, including the manufacturing that brings products like these to your hands, is available here

  1. Jack P (verified owner)

    This grip just looks funny, it does, one of the reasons I had to try it, lol. Holy cow does it ever work great, I installed today on a compact AR with a short LOP meant for runnin’-n-gunnin’ shorter distances rather than longer range. The angle correction is amazing, my hand is right where it needs and wants to be for good shooting, the palm swells really fill up my size XL hand but trigger reach is still easy enough that even my wife with her size small hands said that she could shoot it comfortably, so it is big and looks big, but it works for all ranges of hand sizes. I still think I like my SCG a hair better, especially on my longer rifles (i’m a hardcore CZ guy from waaaay back), but this grip is a keeper for sure and perfect for the application.

  2. Jake (verified owner)

    The grip felt fantastic, I have larger hands so the added width and centerline shift rearward built into the grip make a huge difference in comfort and trigger finger movement. I swapped to this from a Kung Fu Grip, which I was a big fan of, but this is a much more natural and “accessible” way to get a hold of the gun. There was less strain on my support fingers while manipulating the gun with one hand and again, it adjusted my hand to a much more advantageous position. More important than the grip itself, however, is the customer service associated with the grip and company. I had some user error (I am an ingrate) working with the grip and one of the gentlemen with the company promptly called me and was incredibly accommodating with his support, willingness to answer questions, and just overall info and interactions. Fantastic service, products, and company.

  3. Harrison (verified owner)

    Just another positive review amongst many, it really is that good of a grip. They really nailed the angle and texture to give the best grip possible. I wear large gloves and it fills my hand perfectly. If you are on the fence, I would absolutely recommend trying one out.

  4. Jay (verified owner)

    Excellent grip. The vertical feel is just right for my bench rest precision AR, extremely comfortable. I plan on getting another for my pistol as well now.

  5. Tyler

    Definitely not for small hands. I wear a large to medium glove depending. But for me the distance to the trigger is *chefs kiss* perfect. Really fills out your grip with the extra width.

  6. Josh W. (verified owner)

    Honestly I was very hesitant at first with this grip because it’s so different compared to anything I’ve used in the past. But to my surprise, it’s one of the more comfortable grips I’ve used. Helps with manipulation of rifle and gives you great trigger finger placement for those precision shots.

  7. Rob (verified owner)

    I purchased my first one based on looks alone. When I received it i was so impressed with the 90° angle and beaver tail, I immediately ordered several more to swap on my other builds. This grip has just the right amount of texture and stipple and is available in several colors.

  8. Nick

    I like my grips with a reduced grip angle. All honesty, I first grabbed one of these because it looked cool. I was using an old B5 something or other and needed an upgrade for 11.5 Super Duty. First of all, wow does this thing make your rifle look extra drippy. Second of all, as mentioned above, this grip is chonky. At first i wasn’t sure if I would like that, but it was only because I was used to running a very thin grip. I ran this grip all summer. I’m a weekly shooter. First of all the angle makes it so much easier to get your shooting hand/arm nice and tight to your body. Right in line with the target. No chicken winging. The thickness with the steep angle combined not only makes for a more natural and comfortable shooting position, but it also makes it easier to get the pad of my trigger finger onto the the trigger for an effortless and straight squeeze. That being said. I think this grip works better for guys with bigger mits or longer fingers. If you wear a glove size anything short of L/XL I would recommend the same grip but without the backstrap. Ive recently moved the grip over to my 13.9, middy gassed settup. LPVO 1-6x. Out of curiosity to see if it feels good on a longer gun. To no suprise it’s awesome. Shooting from prone off of a bipod works great. All in all, you can tell Driven Arms put a lot of thought into this grip. I’ve tried everything there is out there and there’s nothing else like it. My times all went down this summer and i attribute a lot of it to finding this amazing grip. I snap the gun up and the reticle is always right there. With ability to really tuck my shooting arm im not only sturdier, but it makes the follow up shots much easier. I became a bill drill whore just because im able to shoot so much faster. I ended up replacing the Super Duty grip with something that’s newer and making traction. I haven’t taken it out yet but I’ve been dry firing like a bastard. Its not the same. I’m leaving the original on my 13.9. So yes, I’m grabbing another to put back on the 11.5. Try and hock the “newer” one that I’m not a fan of on Reddit. I have 0 affiliation with these guys. I just really love this product. If you want to see what this grip looks like on a couple different setttups, give me a follow on IG, username: basedblaster. Shoot me a DM and I’ll happily share some pics of how badass this thing looks. If you’re in the market and on the fence….pull the trigger.

  9. Dilan Phu (verified owner)

    Bought this grip and man does this look aesthetically pleasing. Never liked the 45 degree grips so I’ve been searching for a vertical grip that looked cool and landed with this. The thickness is makes it great for a good grip. Customer service is above and beyond

  10. Samwell Stoner (verified owner)

    I have two of these on my main rifles, and they are the best grips I have used. The texture is aggressive but can be held all day long for class. Will definitely always use these on any kind of duty rifle.

  11. Korey (verified owner)

    I’ve ran a lot of grips on my precision guns but haven’t found the right fit. Just got this for my 6mm ARC build and it’s instantly an improvement over all of the other grips I’ve been using. I have pretty big hands so the thiccccness of the grip is nice. Angle is perfect for prone shooting, and it’s comfortable to hold for a while. Big fan.

  12. Joe

    Best vertical pistol grip out there. I have small hands and it fits perfect. Especially on a short PCC. Not sure if there’s a better pistol grip then this one

  13. Sean K (verified owner)

    Freaking love this thing. She be thiccc in all the right ways! Works great on 5.56 but I think it would be a stellar option for a bolt gun with the super flat face. Either way it’s a great grip and I love what your doing here!

  14. Marc (verified owner)

    Super comfortable grip for someone with bigger hands. I have this on my 10” .300blk and after taking it down to the range running some drills, the texture and angle help keep a good grip. I have recommended this to many people who have issues with smaller grips. 100% trust this product.

  15. Steve

    I have purchased 3 of these now and love them! I have two with the storage unit and it’s perfect if not beyond perfect for storing things like a lens cap for a red dot, batteries, Allen keys, or even small tubes of gun butter. Definitely for bigger hands or for precision shooting. Although the angle makes it great for a shorter lighter AR pistol.

  16. Connor

    This was the first product I tried from Driven Arms Co and it had me recommending them to everyone I know. They feel fantastic, I still highly recommend these. If you’re on the verge, just do it. There’s a reason why you’re seeing these more often now. They look cool, feel great, and they’re reasonably priced.

  17. Cristopher (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the VCG-L for well over a year now and I can’t express how happy I am with the grip. Is weird at first because of the straight angle but once you get use to it you dont want to use anything else. I used it on my 12.5″ blood diamond build and on my SPR and is awesome, fits my big hand really good, it gives me a nice trigger finger placement and it looks cool as hell lol!

  18. Sergio R. (verified owner)

    Ran the king fu grip for a while, saw these while scrolling instagram I bought two. Really girthy but it became so comfortable. It just feels high quality compared to any other grip. Getting more soon. Also shipping was fast.

  19. Samuel Villegas

    This grip is sweet i love it and feels damn good! After some mistakes on ordering the wrong one, they took care of me no problem! Love the product!!

  20. Jeffrey Guerttman (verified owner)

    Ok, I was skeptical at first but I’m a believer. The grip angle and texture make it easier to shoot over longer periods of time. I am def impressed. It kind of reminds of the HK grips but better in my opinion. Awesome product. Where I feel like it can improve which I’m sure you guys are working on, is making these with different textures like with a rubber overmolding.

  21. Tyler

    Bought the blemish version. Can’t find the blemish. Awesome grip. She is girthy, but comfy. Wish I bought all four grips during the garage sale, but happy with my purchase.

  22. Jake B. (verified owner)

    Hands down the most ergonomic grip for AR platform. Being 6′ 5″ I have relatively large hands and long forearms, and after trying mostly all the grips on the market this grip is by far the most comfortable especially for SBR’s and “pistols”. Super solid grip and the texture is grippy but not so much that it chews up your hands after a day of shooting and running manipulations. Started replacing all my grips as stock and time allows. If you are on the fence just do it! Looking forward to trying out the cz grip when back in stock.

  23. Max

    Appears to be 3D printed which isn’t a problem, where the trigger guard meets the grip was rubbing funny on the inside of my middle finger, took a Dremel to it and filed down the rough edge and that cleaned it right up. Minor gripe, and took minutes to fix. Overall love it now tho, keeps my elbow down and perfect size to wrap my paw around.

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