Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG)


  • Reduced grip angle (5°) for improved ergonomics
  • Tapered lower ledge + optimized rear “hump” profile for maximum leverage in all shooting positions
  • 1.45” Overall width for improved purchase and general comfort
  • Weight with hardware: 62 grams (~2.19 oz)
  • Storage capabilities supported with the addition of our FloorPlate (SFP)

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

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Please Note – To meet increased demand, we have been accepting partial shipments of parts from our manufacturer for smaller re-stocks and fewer/shorter out of stock windows. The next batch should be available around May 10th. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and patience. We are working hard to ensure consistent inventory availability, without sacrificing the quality of product and service that you’ve come to know and expect from us. Grateful for you all!

The Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG), developed in conjunction with MK Machining, blends the ergonomically favorable aspects of a precision style rifle grip, with a high level of natural dexterity from more traditional AR based offerings, bringing the end user the best of both worlds.

Incorporating a near vertical, 5 degree front strap with tapered lower ledge, as well as an optimized rear “hump” profile, the VCG provides maximum control and leverage, regardless of shooting position. Proprietary anti-slip textures lock your hand in place while also providing channels for sweat and debris to vent or escape.

Drawing from the strengths of precision rifle grips, incorporated palm swell sections increase width, improving purchase and general comfort. For comparison, the VCG is ~1.45” wide whereas the ULCG is ~1.25″ and Magpul K2 is 1.2”, respectively. The unique internal geometry brings both strength and rigidity to this wider profile, without the usual increase in weight that would accompany it. With hardware, the VCG RECCE weighs in at just 62 grams (~2.19 oz)

  • Proudly made in the USA: Additively Manufactured by MK Machining on their MJF 5200, each VCG includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.
  • To view the MKM exclusive Precision model of the VCG, which features an integrated thumb shelf please click here.
  1. Hert (verified owner)

    Ordered the VCG in FDE as soon as it came in stock and threw it on an LPVO gun. Not only does it bring the gun together aesthetically, but it feels just right for a rifle with a powered optic. The hype is real on these grips, and they’ll well worth the money.

  2. Jack 2a_hunter

    Love these grips. Weather laying out prone, shooting off a bench, or shooting off of sticks they work great. I use this grip on one of my coyote rigs. I sit behing a set of sticks and the angle is perfect. Point and shoot. For some reason i feel like i hold the rifle a little more steady when pulling the trigger, and my wrist doesnt get stiff when im sitting on a longer coyote stand holding my rifle by the grip with the handguard on my sticks.
    And the customer service with these guys is just awesome. They will answer any questions you have quickly, and help you get exactly what you are after. Wish i could rate the customer service as well because i was amazed with how they took care of me. You just dont get that kind of customer service very often anymore. 100%

  3. Ruis

    Currently running a vcg on my chassis 10/22 and it’s the perfect combination of vertical angle without losing leverage. I have smaller hands and still find it very comfortable. Got a new cz trail and reached out to the lads on Instagram. They photoshopped the whole grip lineup onto the gun and talked me through some features and differences. Phenomenal customer service. Currently waiting on my new scg to get through the mail and suspect next time I’m looking for a grip this will be the first place I come!

  4. Christian Larkins (verified owner)

    The VCG is a great grip if looking for that harder angle and a fat palm swell and without the dovetail it provides a great pocket for the webbing between your thumb and pointer. That being said if you were medium gloves are smaller this may not be the grip for you. At rest, the angle that this grip puts on the wrist can be a bit tiresome after awhile if you are an older guy with joint issues. At the ready this grip feels very great in the hand and the ergonomics make engaging and disengaging the safety on either a standard lower receiver or ambi very easy.

  5. Jaeden

    Have one of these mounted on my MRAD in .300 PRC. The angle and overall ergonomics make it easy to get the gun on target and control the recoil. For a precision build, these grips are amazing!

  6. Samwell Stoner (verified owner)

    Awesome grip angle and much preferred texture. This was my first Driven grip so I didn’t realize that the beaver tail would be much more comfortable personally. Still a fantastic grip.

  7. Robert C (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best grip I’ve owned. It’s got a solid palm swell and works really well for bigger hands. I found other grips too thin hated the way they sat in my hands. There is a cutout for your thumb that really completes the grip overall. The texture is aggressive enough for It to never accidentally slip once things start getting sweaty. Definitely remade the wheel a little bit with this one.

  8. Roger fitch

    If i could give this 10 stars i would.
    Fit and finish are excellent and the design is 2nd to none.
    Fits the palm of my hand and really makes shooting a much greater experience.
    I have purchased one of these for all of my rifles, and will continue to do so.
    Unless of course the new SCG steals my heart.

    Bravo gentlemen.

  9. Dean Coleman (verified owner)

    I’ve bought several of these grips now and haven’t looked back. These things feel like they were made for just me. This is next level design and sexy as F ! I like everything about this company you see their attention to detail in their products , packaging , and customer service.

  10. Cody

    Smol handed guy here super impressed with the angle of this grip. A game changer and a great size, very ergonomic.

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