CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR)


Adapter Frame Bringing CZ Shadow 2 Grip Panels to Your AR

  • Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Grip frame only, grip panels are required for complete function: for our top recommendation, view the product description below

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Re-stock July 4th 2023 – 3PM ET. Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support and making this third batch happen!

This hard anodized aluminum grip frame allows the installation of CZ Shadow 2 grip panels onto any weapon system which utilizes a standard AR mounting interface (with room to accommodate a beavertail). To complete your setup with some of, if not the best panels on the market, check out the offerings from LOK Grips. We highly suggest any of their palm swell options over the flat or thin (the FDE panels shown above, and the black in the image below are the Veloce Texture). Each grip adapter includes a ball end hex key, grip screw, and shortened safety detent spring.

  • For grip panel selection: In reference to LOK Grips, thin panels are slightly taller at the top than palm swells, and will interfere with factory 90 degree mil-spec safety levers. If you do choose to run thin vs. palm swells, you will either need to have a 45/60 degree throw safety installed, or trim the left grip panel.
  • Please note: Every grip was test fit onto three different lower receivers (Radian ADAC, Aero Precision M4E1, and JP GMR-15), prior to packaging, to ensure proper fitment. As a result, some units may display small markings on the interior mounting faces which reflect this, none of which effect function or are visible after installation. Likewise, a very limited group (less than a dozen in a few hundred grips) displayed small washout of the anodizing around the safety selector spring hole, and/or where the threads were plugged. These small areas of discoloration are extremely extremely rare, do not effect function whatsoever, and will also be covered fully upon installation. Units where any of this would be visible to any degree after proper installation, or with minor blemishes from machining or anodizing, were pulled and are available separately as blems at a reduced price here.
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