• Low profile, reduced drag design
  • Optimized front surfacing for ultimate comfort and control
  • Proprietary texture for consistent grip in any condition
  • Ultralight, durable nylon polymer construction (0.49 oz / 14 grams with hardware)
  • Designed for MLOK – Picatinny model available here

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

(20 customer reviews)

The ShortStop is a next gen hybrid handstop, combining the low drag, no snag profile of traditional handstops with the increased frontal surface area typically only available in larger foregrips. End users benefit from a unique blend of comfort and control, in a lightweight, compact, and highly durable package. The directional front texture is an industry first, locking your hand in when applying rearward or downward pressure for recoil control, while also allowing your hand to slide back into position unimpeded following reloads, or to reach pressure switches or activate laser aiming devices, and for malfunction clearing, or other weapon manipulations.


Nylon Polymer

Weight w/ Hardware

0.49 oz (14G)


– 10 in/lbs – Do not over-torque


L – 1.969 in. (50mm)
W – 1.154 in. (29.31mm)
H – 1.367 in. (34.72mm) off of rail

Hardware Included

1 x Magpul MLOK T-Nut
1 x 10-24 Hex Screw

  1. Josh W. (verified owner)

    As always with Driven Arms Co. products, this is a quality part with amazing fit and finish. Super lightweight and great support when pulling the rifle into my shoulder. Helps keep the recoil super flat. Aggressive yet comfortable texturing even without wearing gloves. 100% recommend this product to anyone looking for a great handstop.

  2. Christian Larkins (verified owner)

    When it comes to foregrips and handstops there really isn’t a better product than the short stop. The ergonomics on this are perfect and the slight forward “hook” allows great feedback on engaging a barrier. I’ve used a lot of different foregrips and handstops from the different options provided by True North, Magpul, BCM, Railscales, Jmac, A3 and the Short Stop is easily the best.

  3. C Dawg (verified owner)

    Being a bit obsessive, I’ve tried legitimately about 20 different fore grips and hand stops. Nothing ever felt quite right to me for my applications. Then I tried the Short Stop and it was the exact thing I had always looked for – A super ergonomic hand stop that perfectly fills your palm while naturally grabbing the hand guard. Absolute perfection.

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    Perfect for larger handguards. Also works really nice on my LMT MWS upper to get my grip as far back as possible with the barrel swap system that the upper has.

  5. Robert C

    Honestly love this little shortstop. It has a very small footprint and is big/rigid enough to have multiple functions. The texture on the front can sometimes feel slightly rough without gloves after prolonged shooting. I run It paired with an Ariska Indexer for a lockdown feel. You can c-clamp, use It as a finger-stop, or post up on a barricade and It all just feels right.

  6. Frank (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit for your build. The size and shape make for a perfect hybrid. You can brace your inner palm against it fully, or split it with your fingers comfortably. Unlike some other stops, which are much bulkier and don’t allow splitting it with your fingers.

  7. Johnny (verified owner)

    Good ergos and the perfect amount of grip. Minimal design but exceptional functionality. It’s one of those products you just need to feel with your own hands

  8. Marc (verified owner)

    This Shortstop has been great for my 10” .300blk. I was looking for something sleek, grippy and overall comfortable. After taking it down to the range and trying it out, I do feel that this checks all my needs from a Shortstop. This will be staying on my backpack carry for years to come.

  9. Hiram L.

    I’ve tried a wide a variety of grips on the market. So much money spent on trial and error. The Shortstop was the final one to try and it became my all time favorite grip. No other grip compares. I will be picking up another one soon. Looking forward to the new projects in the works.

  10. Brandon lopez (verified owner)

    I bought the short-stop when it first dropped and i put it through hell, its very simple yet strong and effective! I own other hand stops that are 100+ dollars and I’ve come to the conclusion that the short-stop is the best bang for the buck and I honestly have the peace of mind that if anything ever goes wrong with it they take care of me!

  11. Nick (verified owner)

    I like this short stop more than I thought I would. I bought this, the Railscales Karve-P and the Emissary hand brake all at the same. And I have to say, I think I like this one the most. It’s the most comfortable, ergonomic and has the best texture IMO. It’s a great mix of aggressive and comfort. Also, I think it’s the perfect size to still be able to use it like a handbrake without being unnecessarily large. I have it on a 12.5″ build with a LPVO and it is perfect for that set up!

  12. Brandon Thomas

    Bought two from revival defense. As soon as i put it on to get a feel for it i was immediately pleased. Very nice lock up, small but extremely useable surface area, and great ergonomics. I am able to pull the gun in better and control it with ease. Highly recommend.

  13. Burakku Kauboi (verified owner)

    Crazy how something so small could make a world of difference. This have a perfect angle that really allows your hand to fit snug enough to easily pull and hold your rifle in place. Biggest surprise is the aggressive grip!!! Still trying to wrap my head around how “Grippy” this lil thing is!!! A+ yet again!!!

  14. Mike (verified owner)

    I love this handstop. I’ve tried nearly every damn handstop on the market and this is a clear winner. Perfect balance of gripping surface while still being extremely low profile. Long time user of the BCM kag’s, I’ve always wanted something to replace them that didn’t cut into my hand as bad. This fits the bill and then some. Due to the curvature starting higher on the shortstop vs the kag, the shortstop actually has more useable gripping surface from the getgo while still being like a half an inch or so lower profile.

    A+ design, fast and super well packed shipping. Cute little stickers. Winner winner.

    I would say if there was anything different I’d like to see, it would be a 2nd variation of the short stop that’s maybe 3/4″-2 inch taller just for bigger guys or bigger guns, still keep this version though and offer something like a Shortstop-K and Shortstop-L. Just my 2 cents anyway, but otherwise this one is perfect as is. Keep up the good work DAC!

  15. Jeff (verified owner)

    Between being extremely lightweight and crafted from an incredibly strong nylon polymer, the ShortStop is a great product. I look forward to years of use on my 300blk SBR. The angle of the handstop along with it’s size allows you to drive the rifle into your body for better recoil management for follow-up shots.

  16. Alex

    The ShortStop feels like it was molded for your hand. It’s the perfect size, not too big, not too small and ribbed for your pleasure 😉 It’s my new go-to handstop and I can’t recommend Driven Arms enough 👍

  17. Frank (verified owner)

    One of the best out there. Highly optimized. Perfect size to split with all your fingers. In between the size of a rail scales Karve and emissary handbrake. This is highly recommended for anything CQB, SBR related. Sub-compact folders as well. The best way I can describe it is it’s really “fast” It’s take up, as I like to call it, when snapping to a target while shooting, is very quick and easily referenced. The texture is very aggressive yet comfortable. Again, very optimized.

    Solid product here. Buy 3 🤙🏻

  18. Sean E.

    Coming from a few months using the Emissary Handbrake (and loving it over the reversed BCM it replaced), I ended up grabbing one of these to see what it was like, and it just may be my new go to (pending more extensive use…) I still like the Emissary a lot, but the Shortstop will 100% be replacing the one I have on my backpack 300, plays really well with all the other stuff I have packed in there at any given time. I think if you like to run a “larger” foregrip, or truly will use the full height of one, the emissary and even bcm are great (or something like the magpul or ldag), but if you run a chopped BCM, KAG, or something like a karve, the Shortstop is 100% worth a try. Smaller/thinner options like the KAG always felt a little too slim for me and had noticeable pressure points after a day on the range, but this fits my hand perfectly, the size/shape/texture of the front is on point and feels awesome even with gloves. While I think this is a winner, I can’t confirm until I see one in FDE 😉

  19. Hunter

    The shortstop is one of the most fantastic handstop’s on the market. I’ve tried many hand stops and none compare to this. The form, fit and finish is amazing and feels super comfortable in your hand. Ergonomics are perfect in my opinion. The texture allows for a more solid grip on your gun ensuring your hand won’t slip off. Lastly, a very lightweight design that definitely helps when piling all kinds of attachments to your hate dispersing machine. I stand by this product and the company. 10/10

  20. Khoi N. (verified owner)

    Better that BCM KAG and Arisaka Indexer. Small footprint and has very aggressive texture. Design is very well thought out, texture is designed to grip your support hand while pulling the rifle back into you shoulder, but offer no resistance when moving your hand to access lights/lasers. Fuctionally and aesthetically the best handstop available.

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Image from Khimaira Strategy & Tactics
Image from Khimaira Strategy & Tactics

Low Drag

The ShortStop’s reduced footprint is perfect for applications where reducing snag points is highly beneficial [ex: bag or truck guns]

Optimized Control

Proprietary grip texture and generous front surface area provide end users a reliable and comfortable interface point


The ShortStop weighs in at just 0.49 oz (14 grams) with hardware

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