Modular Foregrip


  • 3 Piece adaptable design for customizable ergos
  • Ultralightweight, highly durable nylon polymer construction
    • 1oz w/ all hardware
  • Low profile angle relieves tension on the wrist with modern gripping technique, such as the c-clamp

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

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The Modular Foregrip utilizes a unique adaptive design to provide end users flexibility and individual optimization of ergonomics. The three components included can be configured together on one handguard or even divided amongst multiple firearms.

The rear section, or main body, provides relief to the wrist when utilizing modern grip techniques such as the c-clamp, while also providing additional surface area to hook into for optimal control. The fingerstop out front can act in conjunction with the rear section as an indexer, handstop, or even barricade stop. In cases where these two primary components are connected, the bridge section, anchored in by the rear section, allows for you to size the grip to your hand, choosing between short or long configurations without any gap.

Overall, this solution is low profile and extremely lightweight, being just 1oz with all hardware, however, it remains extremely durable, made from a nylon polymer, here in the US.


Nylon Polymer

Weight w/ Hardware

1.0 oz (28.3G) for All 3 Components


– 12 in/lbs – Do not over-torque

Hardware Included

3 x Magpul MLOK T-Nuts
3 x 10-24 Button Head Hex Drive Screws

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Configure the individual components to best suit your needs

Like a Feather

The Modular Foregrip weighs in at just 1oz, with all hardware

Low Profile

Balancing contact area with minimal obtrusion and bulk

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