AMS – Streamlight


Atlas Mounting Solution (AMS) – Streamlight

  • Designed for the AR15 ATLAS S-ONE handguard line from Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage
  • Friction Lock Secure Remote Switch
  • Patented Integrated Cable Channels (ICC) help maintain low drag profile
  • Officially licensed with Cloud Defensive LLC

Now offered in two models:

  • Standard – for momentary + constant pressure pads
  • MO model (coming soon) – for momentary only pressure pads

*NOT compatible with 7″ S-ONE handguards: only compatible with 9″ and longer models*

*Mount Only: Remote Switch Not Included*

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

(4 customer reviews)

Bringing your Streamlight pressure pad to the ATLAS S-ONE line of handguards, the Atlas Mounting Solution (AMS) – Streamlight utilizes a  friction fit channel in conjunction with a hex nut locking system to provide a secure mounting interface. When torqued down, the hex nut not only clamps the mount onto the rail for a more secure foundation, but it also imparts positive force into the bottom of the pressure pad, and up into the inner walls of the channel itself, eliminating any potential unwanted movement of the switch within the mount.

Officially licensed with Cloud Defensive, the AMS Streamlight also features patented Integrated Cable Channels (ICC), offering extra flexibility for cable routing and management.

Now offered in two models: 

  • Standard – interfaces with pressure pads that have both momentary and constant buttons
  • MO model (coming soon) – interfaces with momentary only pressure pads
      • Please reference this document to determine which model suits your application

Please note:

  • The AMS Streamlight is currently NOT compatible with 7″ S-ONE handguards, it is only compatible with the 9″ and longer models
  • Our product images of the standard model display one of two current HLX pressure pad models, which you can view side by side here (the left model is shown in the imagery on this page). The standard model is compatible with both of these and will function equally effectively. However, depending on your model, the position of the constant mode click button (tall button) relative to the mount may differ from the images above.

Please Scroll Down For Installation Instructions 


Standard, MO

  1. Tanner (verified owner)

    AWESOME! This thing works flawlessly, puts the switch in the prefect position, it’s reversible and easy to install. Makes my rifle look sweet too, love the built in cable management slots. Worth every penny!

  2. Steve

    I don’t know how they came up with this genius idea but I will say this over and over. Not only is this my favorite part I bought all year long, it was a life saver. I did an aero build and had no way to put a light on it the way I wanted to, and I wasn’t even here looking for this part and I saw it and instantly knew this was going to be one of my favorite companies. This piece is genius, it fits better than the cloud defense LCS stream light versions on pic rails because the design. Love it. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Hope to get my hands on new stuff soon!

  3. Shane (verified owner)

    Great design and build quality, I needed this!

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    Solid!! Well made and a must for anyone running the ATLAS S-ONE handguard. Keeps the low profile of the handguard. It’s just the best way to mount your pressure pad. Easy to instal. Say good bye to the zip ties!

    Good job to everyone at Drivenarmsco this was a much need product.

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Installation Guide

To ensure proper installation of your AMS - Streamlight, please refer to the following outline

General Installation Process

1 – Remove included hardware from the mount

2 – Insert your Streamlight Pressure Switch into the channel on the top of the mount

3 – Position your mount on your handguard, routing cables as desired. Ensure installation is correct, according to the below illustrations.

4 – With the switch and mount in place, re-insert the provided hardware

5 – Gently squeeze the the rear of the mount together, and thread the screw into the hex nut

6 – Lightly tighten the screw down. The hex nut will impart locking force on the bottom of the pressure pad, through the small hole in the mount

For any questions or general support regarding your AMS -Streamlight, please reach out via the support form or direct message on Instagram

Proper Installation

The recoil lugs on the backside of the mounts should sandwich the thinner support sections in the upper rail cutouts.

Improper Installation

Incorrectly installed in this example, the recoil lugs sit free in the larger overall channel. This allows for potential undesired movements fore and aft in the channel.

*NOTE: Handguard dimensions shown above are representative of the 12 inch ATLAS S-ONE model. 

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