Atlas Mounting Solution (AMS) – Modbutton Lite (MBL)

  • Designed for the AR15 ATLAS S-ONE handguard line from Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage
  • 2 Piece Locking Clamp Design – Utilizes factory Modbutton Lite hardware for secure fit
  • Backwards compatible with all Modbutton Lites, (including the new dual lead model)

*Mount Only: Modbutton Lite Not Included*

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Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

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Atlas Mounting Solution (AMS) – Modbutton Lite (MBL)

Bringing your Modbutton Lite pressure switch to Aero Precision’s ATLAS S-ONE line of handguards, the 2 piece design AMS MBL utilizes factory Modbutton Lite installation hardware to lock into the top cuts of your handguard.

  1. Johnny (verified owner)

    Atlas rails are a great option but one drawback is lack of options to mount your favorite switches away from the muzzle. This fixes the problem and as really easy to mount. I’ve recommended this to many

  2. Sikco

    Awesome product!!! Hoping for an angled version soon.

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Installation Guide

To ensure proper installation of your AMS - MBL, please refer to the following outline

Proper Installation

The recoil lugs on the backside of the mounts should sandwich the thinner support sections in the upper rail cutouts.

Improper Installation

Incorrectly installed in this example, the recoil lugs sit free in the larger overall channel. This allows for potential undesired movements fore and aft in the channel.

*NOTE: Handguard dimensions shown above are representative of the 12 inch ATLAS S-ONE model. You CAN mount in channel for the 7 inch handguard only

Copy that, but why not design the lugs to fill the entire channel?

The ATLAS S-ONE line of handguards does not utilize universal dimensions for the length of the channel cutouts, only for their height, and the distance between. For example, the channels on the 15 inch S-ONE are approx. .975″ long, whereas the channels on the 7 inch model are approx. .885″. As a result, filling the entire channel would require 5 distinct models to be produced, one for each handguard length, which is more restrictive to end users, inefficient in manufacturing, and generally cost prohibitive as a result.

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of options for mounting locations, across all S-ONE lengths, more than are actually usable on the longer handguards, since you are limited, by cable length, as to how far rearward you can mount.

General Installation Process

1 – Pre-position your mount on your handguard to test ergonomics and plan cable routing.

2 – When in the desired position, press the two halves into place on the handguard, with the switch still in place. The lugs may be very tight and require some light pressure to seat fully.

3 – Insert the two provided hex nuts, followed by the factory Modbutton Lite mounting screws, aligning all three components: the two mounting halves and the switch itself.

4 – After ensuring everything is lined up and routed as desired, tighten the two screws to officially lock the mount in place.

For any questions or general support regarding your AMS -MBL, please reach out via please reach out via the support form or direct message on Instagram

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