Radian ADAC Slip Fit Magwell (SFM™)


  • Low profile design, free of snag points, offers unobstructed manual of arms
  • Durable single piece nylon construction
  • Simplified hardware reduces potential failure points to effectively none
  • Ultralight construction: ~ 0.55 oz including hardware

– Coming Soon – ETA July-August 2024 –

Now for the renowned ADAC from Radian Weapons, we bring you our Slip Fit Magwell (SFM™)

Our tried and true attachment method, co-developed with Darq Industries, embraces simplicity, allowing our magwells to be comprised of only three pieces – the polymer “funnel”/magwell itself, one 4-40 socket head screw, and one threaded insert. This package offers a secure and reliable fit, while also keeping the overall weight right at .55 oz, making it nearly invisible on your weapon system until you utilize the 150%+ increased funnel size – all function, no fluff.

*only compatible with Radian ADAC lower receivers. For Aero M4E1/BA Enhanced, please use this variant. For standard forged models, please use this one. If you have any trouble when installing your SFM™ please contact us for assistance. Due to the efficient attachment method, minimal torque is needed when tightening the screw. Simply tighten the screw until the split section begins to touch, then just shy of a 1/2 turn of the screw for final torquing.


Black, FDE, ODG

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