Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG)


  • Low profile, low drag design
  • Optimized lightweight, high strength structure
    • Weight w/ hardware: 53 grams (~1.87 oz)
  • Reduced grip angle (10.4 °) for improved ergonomics – promotion of a more natural wrist position + sustainable grip for long term operator comfort
  • Optimized rear hump, proprietary directional textures, and forward anti-slip ledge ensure consistent and reliable control with maximum leverage
  • Storage capabilities via included floorplate
  • Increase ease of access from bags and vehicle storage
    • Minimize snag points and reduce printing potential

Made in the USA – Full Lifetime Warranty

(10 customer reviews)

With development of our Gen 2 ULCG recently progressing to a point where we are now planning to pursue production in early Q2, we have decided to discount any remaining inventory for the current model, which still is an amazing product that we stand behind with full support. Our drive to do this comes from being consumers ourselves – we aren’t fans of buying something just for a “new and improved” model to come out soon after, and don’t wish for that to be your experience with us. Thank you all for the continued, overwhelming support!  

The Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG), designed in conjunction with MK Machining, provides users an ergonomic and “low-drag” interface point. This reduced footprint solution weighs in at only 53 grams, *including hardware* and the storage floorplate.

Optimized for compact applications, the ULCG features a grip angle of 10.4° for greater comfort and promotion of a more natural wrist position + sustainable grip. The signature rear hump, proprietary directional textures, and forward anti-slip ledge, further ensure the end user consistent and reliable control with maximum leverage.

The ULCG is made in the USA: Additively Manufactured by MK Machining on their MJF 5200, from PA11 material. Each unit includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.


Randomized Texture, Diamond Array


Nylon Polymer

Weight w/ Hardware

1.87 oz (53G)

Hardware Included

Storage Floorplate
Grip Screw
Lock Washer

  1. Josh W. (verified owner)

    I was quite surprised when receiving this grip and throwing it on my rifle. I have larger hands and with this being a compact grip, I didn’t think it was going to work for me but it was a perfect fit like it was made for my hand. I love it because on those hot summer days or in wet conditions, it keeps your hand placement right where it needs to be and doesn’t allow for any slipping or misaligned trigger finger.

  2. Jaeden (verified owner)

    Have these on every AR I own. Got my brother on board the DAC train as well. Phenomenal grips. The weight, the ergonomics have made these my favorite grips out there. Whether it’s a shorty .300 blackout MCX or a heavy DMR LMT MARS-H, these grips are right at home and make things super comfy. These will be my go to for every build.

  3. Samwell Stoner

    After having the VCG I went to this storage grip to compare with Magpul’s. It is even better. The texture and angle are fantastic.

  4. Frank (verified owner)

    Best compact grip on the market. No kidding.

    Ergonomics of ultra compact grips can be lacking sometimes. But if you need to save that extra bit of space, you deal with it. This grip does not compromise usability for size. It still gives enough leverage to manipulate a 14.5” comfortably. My favorite compact grip so far.

  5. Johnny (verified owner)

    If your hands are on the smaller side this grip is great. The angle is comfortable and texturing is great. I’m also a fan of the bottom compartment opposed to other grips having an empty hole. I have this in black and plan to grab another in FDE

  6. Jordan H (verified owner)

    Hands down the most comfortably sized grip on the market. It is just wide enough to fill your hand, the angle is ideal, and the randomized texture provides plenty of grip. I have three of them on various rifles, and plan to purchase a couple more for future builds. I have used magpul, B5, DD, BCM, and prefer this ULCG over all of them.

  7. Matt (verified owner)

    Impressive grip so far. About the size of a Glock 19 grip, so if you have larger hands your fingers may be a bit crowded.

    Texture on the diamond array version is nice, and the front and back straps provide good bite.

    One of the only PDW style grips on the market that offers storage.

    Interested to see how robust it will be overall.

    FDE finish is a coating and not the color of the actual material, which is a bit disappointing.

  8. Burakku Kauboi (verified owner)

    After loving the vertical crossover grip I was hesitant to order the Ultralight Compact Grip and MAN!!! Glad I did!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!

  9. Ricky R. (verified owner)

    Very pleased. I love the grip angle, and the grip is just big enough to comfortably purchase with my hand. Very light weight. Took a chance and was pleasantly surprised, looking for other things to buy now.

  10. Khoi N. (verified owner)

    The ULCG lives up to its name. Lighter than Reptilia Corp’s CQG. Very similar width and length as the CQG, but does a better job at filling up my grip and has superior texturing (mine has the diamond array). Grip angle is perfect for me on my AR pistol. The storage compartment is also a very nice added touch. Does everything it’s suppose to do. Does it better than the other guys. All my short builds will be getting one of these.

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Optimized Control

Proprietary grip textures, rear hump and anti-slip bottom ledge ensures a dependable grip

Low Drag

The ULCG’s reduced footprint is perfect for applications where reducing snag points is highly beneficial [ex: bag or truck guns]


The ULCG weighs in at just 1.87 oz (53 grams) with hardware and storage floorplate, making it perfect on setups with heavy tails, like this 12.5 with LAW Folder

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